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Grain Refusal


Ground Load Calf

Transport Trailer

Bucket Brush


Hutch Bedding


Grain Delivery


Tractor Mounted


The low profile design of our grain refusal trailer allows the feeding crew to safely and easily toss the waste grain from the calf buckets into the trailer. The grain can then be transported and dumped without ever leaving the tractor seat.


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HMI Calf Transport Trailers greatly reduce the amount of stress and labor associated with moving calves


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Equipped with rotating brush to aggressively scrub dirty calf buckets quickly and easily


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Introducing our single bale and double bale Hutch Bedding trailer. This unit is ideal for hutch operations that do not require added lift to shoot bedding into the hutch.


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HMI Grain Trailers are the perfect grain feeding tool for any size calf operation. Open top, single or double hoppers available. Roll over covers and aluminum lids protect feed from the elements, keeping it fresh and clean.


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HMI Tractor Mounted Groomers are designed specifically for your make and size of tractor. This ensures a good fit, clean finish and years of trouble free operation.


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