Agri Interlock Rubber Flooring Mats

  • Non-slip surface that provides excellent traction for your herd
  • Resiliency for proper cushioning of feet and legs
  • Durable for long and serviceable facility life
  • Formulated quality to be robust and forgiving
  • Unique interlock configuration for installation versatility
  • Highest quality upcycled rubber

Agri-interlock comes in one size - 70.8 x 47.5 and features interlock options - all four sides, two sides or a variety of custom cuts for your individual needs. These multipurpose mats have a grooved underside that allow for drainage and add flex to absorb heavy foot concussion. The aggressive top pattern sustains traction and aids in slip-resistance.


A variety of edges allow for greater flexibility when fitting irregular spaces. Custom cuts are available upon request.

Two Surfaces Available

Double Button Surface


Double Button Thickness: .875"

Pebble Top Surface


Pebble Top Thickness: .625"

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