Indoor Starter Pen

Designed for getting your calves

off to a healthy start, our new Indoor Starter Pens are made for short

term use before moving your calves to Calf Hutches, Indoor Pens

or Group Hutches.

Agri-Plastics indoor starter pen

Outside Dimensions:

40" W x 51.5" L x 42.5" H


Inside Dimensions:

34.5" W x 47.25" L x 42" H


•  Your choice of Bottle Front Feeding Door or Teat Bucket Front Feeding Door

•  Made from high density polyethylene

•  Molded in one piece

•  Easy access to the calf

•  Easy to clean

•  Truly opaque

•  Unique locking feature

•  With or without slatted floor

•  10 yr limited warranty


Unique Lock

Pen is molded in       one piece

Top & Bottom Air Flow Vents

Optional galvanized metal leg kit

Optional slatted floor for easy drainage

Can be lifted with a fork lift

Flip for easy cleaning