Focus on Five

Ventilation | Bedding | Temperature

Feeding | Management


Agri-Plastics calf hutches are designed around these five key areas. Let us show you why our hutches are used on some of the largest calf operations in the world

Agri-Plastics SL Rancher Calf Hutch

SL Rancher System

More Standard Features = More Value

• Top sliding roof vent

• Rear vent

• 2 Pails

• Standard 3-in-1 rear door

• Pail manager with splash guard and pail stoppers

• Advanced design

• Completely opaque

• Molded from heavy gauge plastic, no need for a steel frame

• 10 year limited warranty

Deluxe EXL

Agri-Plastics deluxe EXL system
Agri-Plastics SSL Rancher System

Heavy duty galvanized front with wire side panels also available. Allows for easier loading of calves into and out of the hutch and easier entry/exit for people. Features two heavy duty removable galvanized pail rings and an optional heavy duty wire type bottle holder.



Calf Hutches