HMI Bottle Trailers feature stainless steel pans and racks, heavy duty

marine grade axles and a powder

coated chassis. We can meet the needs of any size operation with trailer sizes ranging from 48 to 1008 bottles for 2 or 3 quart bottles.


• Stainless pans & racks

• Powder coated chassis

• Galvanized, marine grade torsion suspension axles

• Safe easy operation

• Sealed pans to hold warm water around bottles

• Spring loaded rack latch system

• Fast efficient way to manage bottles and feed calves

• High traction adjustable running boards

• Universal hitch

504 - 2 quart bottle trailer
stainless steel manifold for filling bottles
504 - 3 quart bottle trailer
196 - 2 quart bottle trailer
250 - 1 gallon bottle trailer

250-1 gallon bottle trailer

196-2 quart bottle trailer

504-3 quart bottle trailer

504-2 quart bottle trailer

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Hatfield Calf Bottle Trailer

All wide pan trailers now include our exclusive crank handle system allowing one person to safely and easily rotate the pan

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Calf Bottle Trailers